Eagle-eyed base jumper saves man about to jump from 360ft bridge without harness

An eagle-eyed base jumper saved a thrill-seeker who was about to fall to his death from a 110 metre bridge after spotting an epic blunder.

The base jumper’s heart must have been in his mouth as he donned his parachute and protective gear, and got ready to throw himself off the incredibly high bridge.

His nerves must have got to him, as he had put his equipment on wrong – and had failed to get his legs through the lower straps of the harness without noticing the error.

He then climbed over the barrier and was preparing to jump, when another base jumper walked past and noticed his mistake – before saying ‘stop, stop, stop’, and helping him back to safety.

In the video, which was filmed in Croatia in 2016 and has recently gone viral again, the man can be heard saying in a thick Australian accent: “Get the f* back over the bridge, you’ve got no fing leg straps on, you fing idiot. Jesus Christ. Go home, get off this f*ing bridge tonight.”

When the erroneous jumper is back to safety, the man then adds: “Don’t jump tonight, you owe me a beer.”

As reported in Stuff, the experienced parachutist was Chris McDougall, who was instructing that day and noticed the amateur’s mistake.

Speaking to the magazine, he said: “I caught him within about one-and-a-half seconds of him jumping straight to his death.

“If he’d have jumped off that object he was going to die.”

The video was shared by TikTok account Skydiving Is Lit, who added: “For those wondering, since his legs aren’t through the harness nothing is preventing him from falling out the bottom.”

The video has received 946,000 likes and over 3,000 comments, with many saying the would-be jumper owes the other man his life.

One user said: “A beer? Nah, he naming his first born after him.”

Another added: “Much more than a beer, I say a 24 pack to start.”

While a third added: “I saw it as soon as the video started. Thank God for these guys, I’m just baffled how he got that far without him nor anyone noticing.”