Boy, 7, hospitalised with sunburn despite ‘using Poundland Factor 50 suncream’

A seven-year-old schoolboy has been left traumatised after being hospitalised with severe sunburn despite his mother claiming that she coated him in factor 50 sun cream purchased from Poundland.

Reuben, 7, was enjoying an afternoon in the garden on Saturday 5th June with mother Danielle Day, 34, father Bill and three siblings.

Danielle claims she coated Reuben in Sun&Sand kids’ SPF 50 sunscreen lotion after running out of another brand on the other children and claims that she reapplied the high protection product on Reuben three times.

Danielle says that Reuben was not in the sun for a long period of time and added that her son took breaks from the sun and watched TV inside before eating dinner at around 6pm.

Later that evening, Reuben started to feel sore and by the following morning, he was unable to get dressed for school as his skin was left purple due to the burns.

Danielle said: “When he got up the next day he was almost so red, it’d gone purple.

“Literally every bit of Reuben’s exposed skin was burnt to a crisp. It was really traumatic for him. Now he doesn’t want to come into the garden, get into the pool or be out in the sunshine.

“I don’t normally get on my [high] horse about things like this, but I was really annoyed and upset for him really.

“We were down at the hospital for six hours because of how badly he’d been burned. They thought he was so badly burned that it was traumatic for the body.”

After the trip to hospital, Reuben’s skin has started to peel which means that it has started to heal.

Mum Danielle said her son has been left worried by the ordeal and he now refuses to use sun cream again which meant he had to miss his school sports day.

A Poundland spokesman said: “We were sorry to hear what happened to Reuben. We’ve checked and Danielle bought the sunscreen from us mid-afternoon last Saturday.

“When she got in touch, we passed her concerns to the makers of ‘Sun & Sand’ which is a high-quality brand manufactured by Conquest Personal Care.

“We can also confirm that we haven’t had any other complaints of a similar nature about this brand in either its SPF30 or SPF50 formulation.

“It’s really important because it’s a sunscreen, not a sunblock, that it’s applied liberally and often as per the instructions on the bottle, especially where kids are involved and even though we understand Reuben was only in the sun later in the day.”

Conquest Personal Care, who distribute Sun&Sand sun cream in the UK, was approached for comment.