Ex-hotel worker shares secrets including why you shouldn’t use cups in your room

Now that lockdown restrictions have eased, many of us will be looking ahead to the future and planning a number of fun trips away.

As a result, you’ll probably be booking some hotel stays.

And while it’s always nice to stay somewhere new and not have to worry about making the bed or cleaning up after yourself, a former hotel employee has shared some industry secrets that might make you think twice about doing certain things in your room.

TikTok user Janessa Richard, from the US, has gone viral on the video-sharing platform after posting a series of clips where she discusses what she learned from her time working for a hotel brand and some of the confessions are pretty gross.

However, she stresses in the videos that her comments are based solely on the experiences she had at the hotel she worked for and are likely not the case at all hotels.

In her first video she advises guests not to lie on top of the bedspread if there is one in their hotel room – because she claims they’re not always cleaned that often.

Janessa says: “So I used to work in a hotel a few years ago and I thought it would be fun to tell you guys secrets about hotels you may not know coming from an ex-hotel employee.

“Ok so the first thing is that most hotels do not wash their duvets or comforters in between guests. They wash them maybe once a year which is really f***ing gross.

“So first thing you wanna do when you walk in your room… don’t go and lay down on top of the duvet – take it off!”

Janessa also recommends avoiding drinking from the glasses provided in your room.

“Almost every standard room you book comes with a water bottle and drinking glasses in the room,” she says.

“I would NOT recommend you drinking in those glasses because they’re often not changed in between guests, as long as they ‘look’ clean.

“Obviously if they’ve been used they will replace them with cleaner ones, but if they look like they haven’t been touched or drank out of they will leave it there for the next guest.”

And while we’re adding to the list of things not to do, the TikToker believes you should “never ever” walk on the carpet in your room with bare feet.

She tells her followers that while the carpets in the rooms are vacuumed regularly, they are “very rarely” deep cleaned or washed and are “so f***ing gross”.

“So make sure to wear socks or slippers,” she adds.

But what about some positives?

Well, when it comes to freebies, the former hotel employee says at the hotel she worked at, staff were often able to upgrade rooms if the guests were “nice” and there was something better available for them.

“If you are very nice and we have rooms available we can upgrade you to a suite or better room at no cost,” she explains.

“And some hotels have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy, which means if you find something, even one little thing that you’re not satisfied with and bring it up to the manager, they might be able to comp your room.”

Her final top tip is all to do with breakfast – if you have breakfast included with your booking but need to leave before breakfast, she says you can always ask staff to make you up a ‘to go’ bag with a couple of items in.

We never thought of that! Did you know about these secrets?